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Customized School Year Planning
I very highly recommend having a consultation with the Home School Resource Exchange! Not only did the consultation save me time and stress in choosing my home school curriculum, but it saved me money.  I had researched many different materials and had an idea of what I liked but I felt so overwhelmed with all the choices and I was spending hours doing the research.  I know without obtaining Tammy's expertise in selecting resources, I would have "over-bought" and unknowingly chosen materials which "overlapped" each other.  As a result of the time I spent with Tammy during our consultation, I believe I now have an educational plan and curriculum for my daughter which is tailored directly to her needs and to our family's needs. 

Tammy gathered information about my child - her strengths and her weaknesses - as well as the goals I had for our home schooling and our family.  Then she made recommendations for curriculum which best suited our daughter and our family.  Not only was I was able to pre-view the materials, but I could listen to the strengths and weaknesses of each as per Tammy's personal experience as well as the testimonies she has gleaned from hundreds of other home schoolers she has contact with at her store.  We now have a plan for our home school which is tailor-made for us! 

My consultation with Tammy at the Home School Resource Exchange store has made choosing our home school curriculum FUN and EXCITING!  I can't wait to get started home schooling!  Thank you, Tammy! You have truly been a special blessing to me and to our family :-)

Dena                            << back to top >>


Customized School Year Planning
"Thank you for keeping me from getting too much. It's so hard to know how much to do. I think I was really burning him out. You really helped me calm down."

Christine B.                    << back to top >>


Annual Curriculum Planning - choosing curriculum only
“I’m coming back for my curriculum plan every year.”

Julie S.                            << back to top >>


New Home Schooler
“There must be a better way?” That was the question that kept running through my mind as I watched my son struggle through school. The traditional school classroom was not a successful learning environment for my son. ADD & anxiety issues interfered with his learning in a typical school setting.

Although I wanted to change my son’s learning environment I lacked confidence that “I” could home school him. Questions like “How do I start? What legal paperwork must I complete? How do I pick out curriculum? Can I really do this?” filled my head. 

A friend of mine referred me to Tammy at the Home school Resource Exchange. After my first initial conversation with Tammy I knew I had found a valuable resource. 

First I attended a seminar held at Tammy’s store which clearly explained the process of getting started with home schooling. During the seminar she provided copies of all the necessary paperwork needed to begin the process of home schooling along with a great checklist to follow. I’m a girl who loves a good check list! 

Next I met with Tammy for a private consultation to pick out curriculum for my 7th grade son. Her in-depth knowledge of the available curriculum combined with her experience in home schooling her own children made this seemly overwhelming task a joy. I left the consultation excited to teach my son this fall. I know I have not only chosen a curriculum that will make him a successful well rounded 7th grader but also topics that he is going to be excited to learn. I had the freedom to choose topics that would interest him and excite him to learn. Tammy’s experience, confidence & passion for home schooling is contagious! 

I know that I have made the best decision for my son.

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New Home Schooler

Picture Mom and Dad looking through the paper for a new house...

Mom: Ahhh, we should just home school our kids, then we won't be so
limited to what school district we want to live in.
Dad: Yeah, sure, that would be helpful, but we could never do that!

...after a couple of months...

Dad: Wow, we've really been talking about home schooling a lot. Should
we look into it?
Mom: Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing. But if I ever did that
it would have to be one of those cyber schools. I could NEVER do
that whole get my own curriculum thing.

...after the cyber school open house...

Mom: Wow, that was pretty cool, but you don't really have a lot of
choices. Everyone keeps telling me I should go see Tammy at the
Home School Resource Exchange. Should we just check it out and see what
she says?
Dad: I guess so. I'm sure we'd do the cyber thing, but let's just see.

...after a 3 1/2 hour consultation with Tammy...

Mom: I am SOOOO EXCITED! I can't believe she spent so much time with
Dad: It's amazing how she helped us figure out each child's strengths
and weaknesses. I never knew we could tailor a program so
specific to OUR kids.
Mom: I'm definitely on board with this! Wow, can WE really do this???
Dad: I really think so! Let's give it a shot and see how it goes for a

...a couple of months later, in the middle of US history class...

3rd grader: Mom, this History is so much fun. Are we going to
home school again next year? I hope so!
Kindergartener: Me, too! I love us all being together! (Since I was
laying on the floor learning with them that day, they
proceded to jump on me and give me the biggest hugs they could muster!)

...later that night...

Mom: You know, before we buy a house, we should just buy a motorhome
and travel with you when you travel for work.
Dad: Are you nuts?
Mom: Yeah, maybe. It has been fun going on some trips with you

...which brings us to the present. We did it! My husband works from
home, but travels for his job. In December we purchased a 40' Class A
motorhome and we are hitting the road in March! We are having such an
awesome time with our kids, and we can't wait to see what God has in
store for us. Don't get me wrong, the Beautiful Feet US History class
we've been doing has been amazing (even I love learning History now!)
but what could be better than going to SEE it ourselves? We are selling
some things, putting some things in storage, and we'll be traveling for
about 9 months.

You don't think you can do it? Wow, just take a leap of faith and check
it out. You have NO IDEA where it may take you. Our family has always
been pretty close, but I can't even describe how close we are now. I
also know we've only scratched the surface of how close we'll be once we
return from our travels. Home schooling is more than just
truly changes your life!

Kelley Williams              << back to top >>


High School Planning
“High school planning with Home School Resource Exchange was one of the smartest things I’ve done. Tammy helped us map out Christopher’s high school years with courses that compliment his fields of interest and his possible college and career choices as well as meeting diploma program requirements. She also helped us choose the curriculum that is best suited to his style of learning. Thanks HSRE!” .

Julie E.                            << back to top >>


High School Planning
"We appreciate your help with planning Abby's high school curriculum.  We feel a lot more confident about the next four years and she is very excited about the course selections.  She has already started into the Saxon Algebra 1/2 text.  We will show her the reading list and get her started.

Thank You for your time and patience with us."                             << back to top >>


It was a relatively quiet day at Home School Resource Exchange when we got a call from Tracy. "Help!" was the desperate tone of Tracy's voice as she explained her fear of "not getting enough done." Tracy had two elementary children and a toddler. She was frustrated with the chaos in her home and was too close to the situation to make a plan.

Tracy was able to come in for a "Let's Get Organized" consultation that day. She was able to "dump" her frustrations out on the table for us to solve one-by-one. We were able to help Tracy relax in areas where she was expecting too much and set realistic academic goals, as well as help her make some personal changes in how she accomplished meals and housework so that she could get more out of each day. This concrete plan gave her a course of action, rather than the inaction that comes from being pressured and overwhelmed.                            << back to top >>     Copyright © 2009 Home School Resource Exchange, LLC.    Lemoyne PA 17043    (717) 612-1516