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Private Meeting

  • Learn how home schooling works and how it compares to other options. 

  • Relay your specific circumstances and concerns to someone who can answer your questions in one sitting. 

  • Get realistic information so you can make an informed decision. 

  • Get answers to all your questions, personalized to your unique situation.

  • See a variety of curriculum options.

  • Compare home schooling to other options.

  • Review of pros and cons to help you decide if home schooling is the right fit for you.

  • Much more


What we will do.

You can use our meeting in whatever way is most useful to you.

Many benefit from sharing their personal circumstances so we can "talk out" how home schooling would look for their family. Being able to see different curriculum options and how they work can help you visualize what teaching your children in your home would be like. We can talk about what a home schooling day may be like and how to easily keep records. We can discuss how parents handle common concerns such as socialization, sports, pulling their children out during the school year, limited budgets, single parents, and special needs. I can show you how home schooling is different than other alternatives such as cyber charter or private school.

You may be wondering things like...

  • What are the benefits of home schooling?
  • What about cyber-schooling; is it the same thing?
  • How much time does it take each day?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Am I really capable of teaching my own children?
  • What if we start, but decide to put her back in school? Is that ok?
  • Can we just start with home schooling one of our kids?
  • What is a home schooling day like?
  • What about high school?
  • Will my child get a diploma?
  • What about socialization?
  • What will my relatives think?
  • My son has an I.E.P. Can I handle home schooling?
  • What is the best option for us? 
Most likely, you have other questions unique to your circumstances.  I am available to answer all your questions and help you in whatever way you would like. 

I do not want to sell you on home schooling.  I want families to be successful and children to get the educational experience that is truly best for them.  This is based on many factors, including the child's current academic abilities, personality, potential future goals, individual learning preferences and the amount of time you have available.

My goal is to provide accurate and realistic information about home schooling to help you in this important decision.  A private consultation will give you answers based on your personal circumstances.  I look forward to meeting you!

About how long it takes.

It typically takes about 2 hours depending on the complexity of your situation.  Having a list of questions ahead of time is helpful.   

What you will leave with:

You will leave with knowledge, peace of mind, and the ability to move forward in a definite direction.
Just call Home School Rx at 717-612-1516. Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available.  Over the phone or at my office, I look forward to meeting you!


Price / Value

Deb's Story

“There must be a better way?” That was the question that kept running through my mind as I watched my son struggle through school. The traditional school classroom was not a successful learning environment for my son. ADD & anxiety issues interfered with his learning in a typical school setting. 
Although I wanted to change my son’s learning environment I lacked confidence that “I” could home school him. Questions like “How do I start? What legal paperwork must I complete? How do I pick out curriculum? Can I really do this?” filled my head. 

A friend of mine referred me to Tammy at the Home school Resource Exchange. After my first initial conversation with Tammy I knew I had found a valuable resource. 

First I attended a seminar held at Tammy’s store which clearly explained the process of getting started with home schooling. During the seminar she provided copies of all the necessary paperwork needed to begin the process of home schooling along with a great checklist to follow. I’m a girl who loves a good check list! 

Next I met with Tammy for a private consultation to pick out curriculum for my 7th grade son. Her in-depth knowledge of the available curriculum combined with her experience in home schooling her own children made this seemly overwhelming task a joy. I left the consultation excited to teach my son this fall. I know I have not only chosen a curriculum that will make him a successful well rounded 7th grader but also topics that he is going to be excited to learn. I had the freedom to choose topics that would interest him and excite him to learn. Tammy’s experience, confidence & passion for home schooling is contagious! 

I know that I have made the best decision for my son.

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