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Home School vs. Cyber School
Are you currently cyber-schooling and not as satisfied as you thought you would be, or are you trying to decide between cyber-charter school and traditional home schooling?
Why Some Parents Choose Cyber School 
Some parents are drawn to cyber-charter school because they want their child to be educated at home, but the thought of learning what they should teach and what materials to use seems too overwhelming. They enroll in a cyber-charter school because the curriculum has already been chosen and they take comfort in the support of an assigned teacher. Having been designed by professional certified teachers, it seems that their child should get a good education.

What They Discover

Although cyber-charter school does eliminate some of the institutional school problems like the inability to concentrate, safety issues, and poor socialization, unfortunately, it does not allow for 
the real advantages of home schooling. Cyber-charter school is public school at home. Children must conform to a one-size-fits all system.  Some parents find that they spend so  much time trying to accomplish their assigned tasks that there is no time left to study topics their child is interested in. Instead of being able to instill a love for learning in their children, parents find themselves  rushing them to simply "get through the material,"

"Now we have 
time to study 
what my son is
 really interested in!"

and "get their work done" so they can record attendance and get their completed tasks to their assigned teacher.  

As parents work with their children every day, it doesn't take long to get to know their abilities, to understand how they think, to know which subjects they need more time with, and so forth.  They discover each of their children's strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.  After awhile many parents become unhappy with the lack of flexibility in the cyber-charter system.

Having the freedom to teach their children according to their individual needs becomes more and more important.  Parents' confidence in their ability to educate their children grows.  In fact, most parents come to realize that they could have home schooled traditionally all along, but their initial fear kept them from the opportunity.


The Advantages of Traditional Home Schooling

You are free to design an educational program that best suits your family. Take advantage of as   

"If I think we should stop
and focus on multiplication
facts for a whole week, 
then that's what we do. 

And it works!"

many field trips and outside the home experiences as you would like.  You can choose curriculum, and activities that match your child's learning style and abilities.  You can balance the workload so your child has time to focus on a weak area or to pursue his talents and interests.  Often, subjects can be combined among siblings, allowing more time for family togetherness. More time together makes it easier
to take advantage of "teachable moments" and pass on your own beliefs and worldview.


Find out if traditional home schooling would be the best choice for you. 

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