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Why it Works

In all other forms of education including: public, private, online, virtual charter, and home schooling curriculum packages or academies, your child must follow a pre-designed educational plan. 

My method works because we wrap the education around your child, rather than forcing your child to wrap around an educational plan designed for someone else or a group of students.

What It Includes

We start by creating an achievement plan for the next three or four years of your child's education. This is typically done before starting early elementary, elementary, middle and high schools. This ensures your student is taking the required courses and developing the necessary skills at the right time to stay on track for the demands of the next level. 

Second is to create a Customized School Year Plan for the current year, choose your curriculum and activities, and complete any paperwork or legal requirements. Each year's plan is based on your children's talents, interests, strengths, weaknesses and learning style, as well as your family's lifestyle, available time for schooling and your budget. Changing family situations like a new baby or sick parent or other personal needs and challenges must also be considered in your plan. Your plan needs to be realistic, easy to follow, and keep you accountable to your own goals for each child and your family.

Finally, I recommend assessing your progress with a mid-year review. You may find you need to reorder your priorities. We need to stay in contact and solve challenges as soon as they arise so you can stay on track and finish the year as planned.

Expected Results

My method allows children to blossom and learn much faster with a superior result academically, socially, and personally. You will no longer be comparing yourself to others or second-guessing every move. You will have confidence that you are doing the right thing for your family. You will be personally rewarded by watching your children progress with less effort. 

In addition, children who feel a sense of accomplishment are more willing to cooperate and work as a team with their siblings and parents. Confident, happy children are more enjoyable to be around. Because we incorporate understanding for other family members into our consultations, siblings tend to have greater respect for each other and families enjoy functioning more as a team. 

By following this method throughout your children’s educational careers, you will ensure that they are completely prepared for graduation and college or whatever they choose to pursue after graduation.

Does this sound good to you? 

Would you like me to help you create a custom education for your child?  Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility without being on your own with all the decisions. Call me with any questions or to schedule an appointment.  Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available.  



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