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Planning Ahead for K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Achievement Planning is recommended for all students so they develop the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for the next academic level ... resulting in NO REGRETS ... personal and academic goals met by graduation.

What we will do in our meeting:

Together, we will set achievement goals in each subject appropriate to your children's current age and abilities. These goals will include knowledge, skills, experiences and habits needed for the next academic level.  I will document your decisions so that you will leave with a printed map of the next few years. 

Decisions about curriculum and activities for this year will be easier now that you have defined goals. You are prepared to develop weaknesses, build on strengths and teach to your child's learning style and your unique situation.

Elementary School Planning - K-2 & 3-5

When: ASAP before or while in elementary school.
Elementary is a time to master the basic skills needed to advance at the secondary levels. Knowing the skills that should be mastered by the time your child is in finished with 5th grade can help you to make important decisions regarding the timing and method of instruction (reading fluency, reading comprehension, math facts, following directions, problem solving, etc.). 

Correct habits need to be formed in the elementary years (chores, housework, taking care of themselves). We will review the skills and habits a young child needs to learn. Together, we can decide when it makes sense to learn a new skill.

Middle School Planning - 7-8  

When: Prior to 6th grade.
Middle School is not only a time to prepare and lay the ground work for high school academically, it is also a transition in work and study habits, work load and more advanced materials like textbooks with out so many pictures. At this age, there is not as much time left to try things without knowledge of their typical results.  If it doesn't work, you may not have time to fully strengthen the weak area before high school gets here. We want to make sure your child is well prepared for high school.

About how long it takes

Typically 2 hours per child depending on circumstances. The first child usually takes the longest. The first year usually takes longer than subsequent years. 

What you will leave with

You will leave with a printed map of the next few years of your children's education. You will have peace of mind that everything important for your children's near future has a place where it will begin, even if you are not doing it now. 

Just call Home School Rx at 717-612-1516 to schedule an appointment.  Together, we will plan the next few years so your child will be ready for the next level.  Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available.  Over the phone or at my office, I look forward to meeting you!


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