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High School, College & Career Planning

When: Prior to 7th grade / ASAP if your child is already in 7th grade or higher
High School Graduation Planning is critical to making sure your child is prepared for graduation, diploma, college or trade school, entrepreneurship, military or workforce as well as any state requirements.

In addition, social skills, life skills and work habits need to be mastered for adult life. We want to make sure that your student masters the necessary skills and that the appropriate courses are taken between 9th and 12th grade so they will appear on his transcript for maximum impact. Some colleges have specific demands not necessarily required by the state. For instance some demand two years of a foreign language between 9th and 12th. 

The earlier you plan the more flexibility and control you have over your child's secondary education (7th through 12th grade).

Once made, your student's plan is reviewed and revised at least once a year so adjustments can be made according to his changing needs and interests.


What we will do in our meeting:

Together, we will make a "map" of how your student is going to get from where he is now to graduation...the knowledge he is going to gain, the experiences he is going to have, the skills he is going to develop, and the courses he is going to take.  Our decisions will be based on your student's abilities, interests, and after-graduation goals.

It can be helpful to plan with siblings in mind as well.  For example, timing required content so more than one student gets credit at the same time. 

Many parents have questions about state requirements for graduation, transcripts, getting into college, how to grade and document credits, dual enrollment, SAT prep, and more.  We can go over all of this at the same time if you would like.


About how long it takes:

Typically 3 - 4 hours depending on number of students involved and circumstances.

What you will leave with:

A printed map of your student's remaining secondary years.  

With your goals and plans in writing, you will save anxiety and time in the long run.  Decisions in future years are now much easier.  If the resource or opportunity presented to you helps your student achieve his goals, then yes, if it does not then no…simple as that.  Sure, you may make changes as your child matures, grows in his or her abilities and becomes interested in new things…but it is much easier to change routes once you already have your map.  Take more time once, and a smaller, more relaxed amount of time each year.  You will be glad you did.

Just call Home School Rx at 717-612-1516 to schedule an appointment.  This type of planning is very important but can be overwhelming to do it alone.  I do them multiple times a week and would be happy to  make it easy for you.  Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available.  Over the phone or at my office, I look forward to meeting you!


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