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How An Annual Plan Can Help

Before you even start thinking about shopping for curriculum, you need to take some uninterrupted time away from your busy schedule and think about the near future.  What skills are necessary for the next level?  Where is your child strong?  Where is he weak?  What is his learning style?  Are there any major changes in your family coming up, such as a new baby or taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent?  How much time will you have?  What major milestones are coming up that you need to get your child ready for?  

Once you set some goals and make a plan, decisions about curriculum and activities will be easier.

If you want to make this simple and complete, take advantage of my experience and let's do it together.  I do this all the time (and I enjoy it).  A consultation is the most efficient way to plan your school year. You get all your children planned in a few hours.  You won't forget anything or purchase overlapping materials, and your plan will be customized for your family.


What we will do in our meeting:

We will custom-design your school year. We will  review/revise your goals, make long-term academic plans for each of your children, and choose the most appropriate curriculum and activities to meet your needs and goals for this year. I will address any special concerns you have such as motivation, sibling competition, learning challenges, etc. If you would like, I can also help you create a Family Flexible Schedule and plan important events. Learn about my method.

All of our decisions will be documented throughout the appointment. Once all decisions are made and all of your questions are answered, I will finish and print your Customized School Year Plan for you to take with you. You will follow this plan throughout the year as you educate your children.

I recommend that we schedule at least one check-up mid year to make sure things are going well and you are on track.

As questions arise throughout the year, you can call or e-mail me. Depending on the complexity of your concern, we may schedule a phone or office appointment so I can devote more time to you. It is important that your concerns and any problems are solved promptly so you can stay on track to meet your goals by the end of the year. 

About how long it takes: 

It typically takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of children and your circumstances. The first year usually takes longer than subsequent years.

What you will leave with:

Everything you need to home school this year: long term plan, current year curriculum plan, paperwork (if any), calendar/schedule, knowledge of how to use and grade curriculum, knowledge of how to keep records, knowledge of how to comply with state requirements (if any), books and supplies (optional)

Just call Home School Rx at 717-612-1516 to schedule an appointment.  We will design an education that matches your child's learning style and interests, while keeping you accountable to your goals.   Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available  Over the phone or at my office, I look forward to meeting you!



Looking for Scheduled Accountability?

We can set up mini check-ups throughout the school year as often as you would like (i.e., every three months, monthly, etc.) In these mini check-ups we can address your concerns since we last met, the progress so far, and set mini-goals to be met before the next visit.
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