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Ask me your question now!   Who is Tammy?    Why does her method work? 
Question topics can include: education, problems at school, home school, cyber school, getting started, can home school solve my problem, is home school right for my family, curriculum selection, parenting, motivating, special needs (IEP, ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, slow to progress, etc.), special circumstances, gifted children, something an "expert" said that you are questioning, handling doubting family members and friends, or anything else you can think of.
So I may contact you. So I may know you a little better.
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I'll do my best to respond to your question in a timely way.  I sometimes receive many questions at once and may get a little backed up.  If this is  urgent please call me at 717-612-1516.

I may need additional information and would like the opportunity to call you if email seems inefficient.  Please provide me with a phone number and a good time to call. 

Of course, for a detailed, personalized, researched and documented solution, it is best to schedule an appointment.  There I can get to know 

you and your circumstances, and will be better able to make appropriate suggestions. If this sounds better to you, please call me and and we will get together.
I have heard many inspiring stories and have seen miracle turnarounds over the years. In order to help educate others, show people what home schooling is like, or to show people they are not the only ones and are not alone, I have found it useful to share some of these stories and examples, and may want to use yours.  I will never identify you by name without your permission, but reserve the right to reproduce any material submitted to me for use on our website, printed materials, blog, email or by other means.  So to keep things simple, all submissions become copyright Home School Resource Exchange, LLC. 

Thank you for helping others by sharing both your challenges and successes. I look forward to answering your questions.


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