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Tammy Laird is a home schooling mother of four, Home School Planner and Consultant, and owner of Home School Rx, a store and training center near Harrisburg. Tammy's specialty is to help parents create customized learning programs that maximize each studentís interests, abilities, and learning style, meeting long-term goals for graduation and college/career while fitting with the familyís lifestyle and budget.

Tammy is available by appointment, and also shares her wisdom and experiences at her seminars and group meetings.
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Eleven years ago, Tammy left her career in insurance to home school her children.  With a love for learning and researching, she started a quest to perfect her home schooling techniques.  She began reading and collecting home school how-to books from the most popular to the obscure... teaching reading, childhood development, high schooling, family dynamics, learning styles and so forth. 

In 2000, partly as a means to socialize with the home school community, combined with a desire to spread the word about the benefits and dispel the myths of home schooling, and partly as a means of gaining exposure to various curricula, she started Homes School Resource Exchange in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania.  This store and meeting place became popular with area home schoolers as a place to buy and sell used books and exchange resources.  Soon she added new books so she could get things for customers that she did not have in stock as used.  This caused a need for a bigger store, and in seven months from opening, she moved to her current location (also in Lemoyne) with room for classes as well as the books.

This experience profoundly expanded Tammyís knowledge.  Not only in terms of knowing about all types of curricula, with the thousands of products in the store, but also in the feedback from her customers as to what worked in different situations.  People began asking for her advice and often she would spend hours speaking with a family.  She would show people how to get started, how to plan their year, how to select curriculum, how to plan for high school, and stay accountable.  She found herself often coaching parents throughout the year on motivation and their teaching methods.  In the end she would show them that they did not need to buy as much as they thought.  Of course that made it hard to pay the expenses of the store.

This led her to the revelation that it is not about the books.  Itís about the method.  She changed her business model from book centric to giving people what they really wanted, her accumulated knowledge from all these experiences.  She began offering consultation appointments to help parents most effectively set up, plan and carryout their children's education at home.  She also offers coaching services throughout the year on motivating your child, staying on track with your goals, and home schooling special needs and gifted children. 

If you feel you would benefit from a personal appointment with Tammy, she invites your call at 717-612-1516 any time. She is available for emergencies. Please leave a message after hours; calls are returned promptly.     Copyright © 2009 Home School Resource Exchange, LLC.    Lemoyne PA 17043    (717) 612-1516