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What makes teaching at home a better choice?

Traditional home schooling is the only educational option that gives you the freedom to do what is best for your child at any given moment.  You are free to choose the materials and methods that are best for your family and according to your children's learning styles.  From text books and workbooks to unit studies, interesting literature, biographies, field trips, computer games, videos and hands-on projects...there are many creative options for giving your children a custom-designed education.

Because one-on-one education is so efficient, children typically get all their school work done in less time, allowing plenty of room in their schedule for socialization and to pursue their own interests.

Students are not bored because they can learn at their own pace with materials that better match their learning style.  Their interests can be incorporated into their customized educational plan.

Children typically don't "fall behind" because they get their questions answered immediately.  They simply don't move on until they have mastered the material they are currently working on.

Special needs can be met in the home environment without labels, special classrooms, and sometimes without medication that would otherwise be prescribed.  At home, your child can learn at her own pace, in her own way. 

Families grow closer, siblings tend to have greater respect for each other, and families function more as a cooperative team.

Many new home schoolers say they wish they would have "done this" sooner.  They say it is the best decision they ever made for their child and for their whole family.


Is your child struggling in school? 
    Falling behind?  Bored and ready to advance?

1 Are you spending hours helping your tired child at night after she was just in school all day?
2 Does your son focus for long periods on projects he is interested in, but can't sit still for school work? Has the teacher mentioned ADHD?
3 Is your school doing too much "teaching to the test" and moving the kids ahead ready or not?
4 Did your daughter start school bright and curious, but now seems to be just going through the motions?
5 Do you find yourself struggling with the school to ensure their needs are being met?
6 Are you spending so much time following the cyber school's assignments with no time to explore what your family is interested in?
7 Does it break your heart when you think about putting your 5 year old on the school bus?
8 Do you feel your child is not able to reach his full potential in school?
9 Does your child resist going to school in the morning?
10 Do you worry that your current school might not be working for you but you don't know what else to do?

Find out if home education is right for your family. 

We realize home schooling is not for everyone. It is a personal commitment that requires time and dedication. Those who do it say the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice and feel they are not spending more time, they are simply spending it in a different way.

We have seen so many success stories, we want to make it easy for every parent to learn enough about this superior educational option so they can make an informed decision.


Two ways to find out: 

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