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$70 per hour, billed by the quarter hour.
Typical appointment times are:
Topic Hours Children Cost
Is Home Schooling Right For Me? 1-2 1-2 $70 - $140
Get Started Today 3-4 1-2 $210 - $280
Annual Planning (First Time) 2-4 1-2 $140 - $280
Annual Planning (Subsequent Times) 1-2 1-2 $70 - $140
Achievement Planning (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) 2-4 1-2 $140 - $280
High School Planning 3-4 1-2 $210 - $280
Follow-Ups 1-2 1-2 $70 - $140
Ongoing Coaching .75-1.5 $52.50 - $105

Times vary depending on the number of children and complexity of your situation so your cost may be more or less than the ranges stated above. Most people find it useful to spend two to four hours. 

Call For Estimate: Based on information gathered from you when you make the appointment, we can give you an idea of how much time to plan. (717) 612-1516

Includes: Our scheduled meeting, a printed plan and summary of our meeting, 20% off your next curriculum order, and I am available for follow up telephone questions throughout the year. (If I believe we need to meet again for a charge, I'll let you know during the course of our call.)


Paying for help with home schooling might be new to some parents.

Many ask for help from friends, at their co-op, or from their support group. The home schooling community offers a great support system. My service is for parents who want more than advice. (Read about my method.)   As your consultant, I am committed to your success all year and you are welcome to call me between appointments.  I will always keep information confidential.  

Saving You Money

Most parents realize a savings when they use my service because they don't buy as much curriculum, or the wrong thing for their child which causes loss of time in rework, frustration and more curriculum.  Some are able to take advantage of bargains ahead of time only because they have taken advantage of doing long-term planning with me. 

Saving You Time

I've done all the research and want to share it with you.  I've read the how to books, sold the curriculum, heard the feed back from the customers.  Skip over weeks of research and get it all in a couple of hours.

Saving You Frustration

Families I consult with are able to enjoy their home schooling because they know all of our decisions were carefully thought out.  They aren't worried about doing too much or too little.  Their children are happier because their needs and interests were considered as well.  And if something comes up, they know they can call me anytime.

Comparing Prices With Other Educational Methods:

One Child

With Me
Full Homeschool Currriculum Set Full Homeschool
Curriculum Set w/ DVD
Consultation $210 $    0 $    0 0 0
Curriculum/Tuition $300 $728 $899 1,200 3,000
Total $510 $728 $899 $1,200 $3,000
 Note: These prices are for example purposes and may not apply to your exact situation
While Cyber Charter and Public School may be "free" (actually they cost taxpayers $5,000 to $10,000+ per child) you loose the freedom to progress at your child's pace and use the curriculum and teaching methods that suit your child the best. See Why My Method Works.

Feel Confident and Stay Accountable

Together we will go over everything you need to know.  I am available throughout the year to help you with any problems you may be having.  You may even find that family or friends that have doubts about home schooling will be comforted knowing that you have this plan and structure behind you.     Copyright 2009 Home School Resource Exchange, LLC.    Lemoyne PA 17043    (717) 612-1516