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Annual Planning

Creating a customized curriculum plan for your child is the key to getting the most from your home school...anything else is not taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility this superior method offers.  Curriculum choices that honor the student's interests and learning style creates a more motivated student who enjoys learning and is a joy to teach.

Planning Ahead K-2, 3-5, 6-8

It's best to look ahead a few years in advance in order to help your child develop the knowledge, skills and habits needed for the next academic level.  Knowing what is coming up in the near future will help you prioritize your time now.   Parents find that planning their current school year is much easier when they have planned ahead for the next level first.

High School Planning

Planning ahead for high school is essential in order to make sure your student has the proper courses and credits on his transcript to compete for the best colleges..  Planning early also allows you to incorporate more of your student's interests into his coursework and helps make sure you do more than the minimum required by your state.  The earlier you plan the more flexibility and control you have.  

Mid Year Review

It's important to periodically review your progress throughout the school year.  How are things going?  Are your children on track for meeting the goals that you set at the beginning of the year?  If not, do you know why?  Is it an ability issue or a motivation problem?  Are expectations reasonable?  Do you need to adjust your teaching method to reach a child who is struggling?

Addressing the situation every three months or so will give you time to make adjustments and keep you on track with your goals.     Copyright 2009 Home School Resource Exchange, LLC.    Lemoyne PA 17043    (717) 612-1516